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Toride Factory, Ibaraki pref. Japan
Manila Philippines sales office
Working Place:
Embedded system Hardware and Software engineer
Mechtronics Engineer
Manufacturing staff
Sales staff
Work contents:
( Associate Company)

Block 7, Lot 25, Mahogany Villas, Barangay. Looc.
Calamba City Philippines Zip:4027
・ZEPHYR System Tech-Trade Inc Seles office
1162 Ina Toride-shi, Ibaraki, Japan zip:302-0026
・Head office/Factory

Head office and Plant site
Head office and Plant site
1,Development and manufacture of automatic closing mechanism
2,Assembly of units and parts forautomatic closing mechanism
3,Maintenance of tool exchanging robots


Jun 1985 E&F Engineering Co., Ltd was established with 5,000,000 yen capital, an equipment design company targeting the Factory Automation market.
Jun 1991 started assembly and inspection work at our Kita Kanto office
in Saitama.
May 1993 changed our name to Zephyr Corporation.
Nov 1993 increased our capital to 15,000,000 yen
Jan 1997 started a joint venture with Taiwanese company targeting
the Chinese market.
Dec 1998 put up a new factory in Ibaraki in order to transfer our
production base there.
Oct 2001 Manila branch was opened to start market research and cultivation and to be the sales office aimed for the Southeast Asian market.
Jan 2002 Branch office was transferred to Laguna to offer sales and technical support. At the same time, started supplying Auto Door equipment to general contractors.
Oct 2003 started development of security equipment with Hotron
Company and Chinese electronic companies.
Sep 2006 developed the TR-60XX-3J 3-axis Robot model series.
Sep 2007 Head office and Plant site received the ISO9001:2000 standard
Sep 2010 Update the ISO9001:2008 standard
Sep 2018 Update the ISO9001:2015 standard
Company Name ZEPHYR Corporation
Established June,11,1985
President Yoichi Ebihara (Mr.)
Capital 15,000,000 yen
Number of employees 10
Location Ina-1162 Toride-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
Business Activities ・Automation Systems in the manufacturing of plant site 
・Robot Systems  
・Auto Door, Shutter, Gate Systems
・Equipment for security Systems
・Exporting business
Main Banks Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation
Futakotamagawa Branch
Seijyo Branch
The main client Tokyo Tapping Machines MFG. Ltd.
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Nihon Office System
Pacific systems
Hotron Co.,Ltd.
Hotron Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
Fujimori Co.,Ltd
Shimizu Philippine Contractors Inc.
Sanyo Semiconductor Manufacturing Philippin Cooperation
Taisei Philippine Construction, Inc.
Kajima Philippine Inc.
Aguila Construction & Glass Supply
Shanghai Kinsho Daihatsu Auto Door Co.,Ltd.

Yoichi Ebihara
Representative Director

Since the company's establishment in 1985, Zephyr has tackled the diversifying and upgrading needs of society with our original and flexible ideas in the field of mechatronics. By integrating the processes of planning, designing and productions up to commercialization, we are able to create products that fully satisfy our customers and to bring harmony between man, nature and scientific technology. Furthermore, we strive to offer safety and security to our society.

・Application & Information
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・Company profile
Company profile

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