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・ISO9001 standard
Head office and Plant site
1,Development and manufacture of automatic closing mechanism
2.Assembly of units and parts forautomatic closing mechanism
3, Maintenance of tool exchanging robots
The standard of quality
Head office and Plant site
ZEPHYR corporation Japan
Zephyr's local subsidiary Zephyr System Tech-Trade Inc., based in Manila as the center of operations for Southeast Asia, and it is expanding to various Asian countries with our products including OEM business. The company is to execute the customer requests and to provide maintenance support with the help of resident service engineers. You can send your inquiries for more details.
Core Technology, Main Products and Business
With motor control technology such as microcomputers, PLC's and relays as the company's core technology, Zephyr is ready to respond to customers' requests for automatic switching equipment, door equipment, factory automation/robots, testing equipment, and other 'Mechatro' (or Mechatronics) technology products, OEM supply and sales.
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・June 2023
June 11st is the company's commemoration day. And thank you for the 38th anniversary.

・ September 2018
We updated the ISO9001 standerd to 2015 year version


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