Thanks to everyone for helping us make it through 23 years.
On our foundation day, June 11, personnel and officers held a barbecue at the nearby Tonegawa Riverbank. Our thanks to everyone who came.
We are thinking of doing it again and would like to hear from you.
Looking forward to next time.

Company Foundtion Day
June 11, 2007.


Thanks to everyone for helping us make it through 24 years. The event this year was traveling ONSEN resorts.It is a real ONSEN named "SAHAKO NO YU" of Iwaki-shi, Fukushima.
After ONSEN, we drank a beer and ate fresh SASHIMI which we bought at ONAHAMA harbor before.We felt so relax and had a good time.
Although I think that ZEPHYR, Inc. will become busy from now on, let's do our best.

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ZEPHYR CORPORATION ( Head office and Plant site) have got ISO9001 attestation
for the following activities.
1,Development and manufacture of automatic closing mechanism
2,Development and manufacture of tool exchanging robots

We believe that simultaneous to provide high technology and steady good quality is anindispensable element.

ISO9001 Acquisition of attestation
Sept 28, 2007.

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Company Foundtion Day
June 11, 2008.

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